To Whom It May Concern

Life would become so precarious, could we ever imagine it a year or so back? The political situation of the country is in an imbroglio. We are in a war-like situation or maybe worse than that because war is fought between armies but, here, innocent people are killed daily in scores. Whether you live in South Waziristan or Islamabad, you can’t be sure you would return home safe once you stepped out.

Now take a look on the other side. Our top brass leadership is imbued in corruption. While people continue to die in bomb blasts and the poor continue to be more oppressed in society, our leaders are despicably entangled in their own power struggles and mudslinging. Is it ignominy or pity, I can’t decide?

Six decades have gone but we could not produce even a single leader who was upright, honest, and sincere to the country. Sometimes, I wonder if we are ill-fated, but this is really hard to accept because we are a country that was created in the name of God. God forsakes a nation and let it fall when its collective sin becomes unpardonable. So we are not ill-fated but we are a lost nation, a lost Ummah that forgot the mission and purpose it was bestowed with.

We have engrossed in making our lives so much that we are oblivious to happenings around us. When we hear gruesome news, what do we do? We sigh at the gory sight but are afraid to question why. We watch but fail to understand the reason. We are anguished but are weak to take action. We blame other for our state of affairs but our myopic to see our own mistake. We hold Americans culpable for drone attacks but we don’t see that it is us who are letting this brutality happen to our own people. Did we care to raise even a cry? To support a crime is as much a sin as committing it. Haven’t we tacitly supported this injustice? We are silent spectators and this silence is our immense crime. We have silently witnessed too long that we did not even realize when the calamity befell on us too. Now we want the whole world to hear our scream. Our situation is deteriorating steadily and we are gradually being brought to our knees. The present doesn’t make us as much apprehensive as the uncertainty and bleakness of future haunt.

Maybe, this is the right time or the high-time to see where we are at amiss because sincerely speaking, we are embroiling in the same crisis that we have been ignoring so long!

And stand witness to truth for Allah. Truth is honesty, truth is fairness, and truth is justice. The purpose of our life should be to establish truth and to rectify the wrong wherever required, irrespective of whether it affects us or is estranged to us, it entails our interest or is detrimental to us, it is a trivial or a significant issue.

A fulfilling life is one that serves others. Getting a degree, securing a well-paid job and then growing old is nothing extra-ordinary. Living constantly under fear and threat is no life. Assuming silence and thinking we have built a safe carapace around to protect us is only like living in obscurity. Contrary to it, forfeiting your comfort, thinking beyond yourself and living a life that is useful to others is marvelous.

In life there are three paths: easy, Difficult and Dangerous

Those who take on the Easy have safe yet boring life

Those who take on the Difficult have simple yet interesting life

Those who take on the Dangerous are remembered!


One thought on “To Whom It May Concern

  1. Maria.R says:

    Wow!Just loved the article.
    I totally agree with every word you said.
    We’re just spectators,don’t want to put ourselves in difficulty.
    As long as we’re safe in the self-created bubble,who cares about the rest of the world..
    And no doubt our priorities have changed over time.It’s just about ‘ME’ now.
    Its time to ask for forgiveness from Allah and take a fresh start.

    Way to go K!

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